Established in 2018, D.F International Publishing LLC was founded by CEO, Delonte J. Furr. Since an adolescent his love for music grew heavily over time. “My favorite moments were when my mother would pack me and my brother up in the 626, and she’d drive down to Hains Point (Washington, DC) taking all the back roads while listening to Magic 102.3. That’s when I fell in love with music.” He dabbled in making his own music as a rap artist in 2012, which then encouraged him and his brothers to create a local entertainment brand. Being an artist opened up a new learning phase for Delonte, the study of music royalties. Understanding the hardships of an indie artist developed the need to want to help on the administration level. A successful artist needs a creditable backbone to their everyday operation, a trustworthy administration that can oversee all monetisation pathways and administer all sources of publication and distribution.

Why publishing?. It’s how songwriters earn the bulk of their income; it’s how major label acts that perform original music can make money while they’re working to pay off their debt to the label; it’s how you can monetize your compositions and earn royalties for their usage on terrestrial radio, satellite and internet radio, TV, in live venues, and more. And yet few musicians, particularly independent musicians, have a good grasp on music publishing basics. DFI is structured not only to help songwriters and musicians exploit all means of licensing and monetisation, but to also help the artist understand the importance of the back office. Having even a foundational understanding of publishing allows songwriters to operate with more confidence and begin seeing songs as assets. This understanding will lead songwriters to begin recognizing the importance of protecting and maximizing the value of these assets.