Protection & Permission

Music licensing is all about creating agreements that would be shared between other musicians, or creators of the original work and the artist who would be using it. DFI’s licensing administration is backed by numerous accounts in which getting your music heard and pitched can take place. Getting you registered with a PRO and applying a copyright to your work is only a minor part of our operation for artist.


Synch License

Placements are the next best thing within the industry. There are thousands of media production companies looking to use musical works. Along with getting your music played with major distributors, DFI administers to getting your music licensed for media outlets so that you can reap the benefits from fees and royalties. We’re updated daily on who’s looking for what, and you’ll always have open opportunity for submissions.


Mechanical License

One of the main sources of licensing is the mechanical. This license enables the distribution of copyrighted material. DFI assists all artist and copyright holders with agreements on mechanical terms of their music.

Neighboring Rights

Trust us there’s more!! Our combination of having access to collection societies, and extraordinary technology allow us to pay our creators at higher volumes.

The neighboring rights analyst has established long term and growing relationships with collection societies which helps us decrease commissions and to make sure all rights are administered equally.

Our software consists of performance information, territory acknowledgment, and income data monitoring. In order to ensure your income is correct and sufficient.

Public Performing License

This applies to any broadcast of an artists’ work. We work with businesses who play music in their stores, jukeboxes, concerts, and any other form of public performance. DFI gets your music registered with your local PRO who generally manages public performing licenses and issue music royalties.

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